A list of tastemakers, access points, potential audiences, useful sites, and relevant individuals, all of which ideally would make up my artist eco-system.

https://soundcloud.com : (Access Point) As previously mentioned, a brilliant – albeit oversaturated and competitive – site for sharing music and gaining an engaged and loyal following. Uploading music exclusively to Soundcloud will strengthen my artist identity and make me exceedingly easily accessible (for free).

https://soundcloud.com/soulection : (Tastemaker and Access Point) A highly active and engaging community of similar minded listeners and artists. A play on Soulection Radio show or a repost from this account could result in me receiving lots of interest, and would give me the chance to build a following.

https://soundcloud.com/futurebeatsrec : (Tastemaker and Access Point) The English equivalent of Soulection, Future Beats Records adopts a similar approach to music community and distribution, and reaches similar audiences. Again, a play on the weekly Future Beats Radio show would result in my receiving more plays and recognition for my work.

https://www.youtube.com/user/majesticcasual : (Tastemaker and Access Point) Majestic Casual distributes new music of varying genres, usually within the theme of ‘Future Beats’. Boasting over 3 million subscribers, another involvement with Majestic could result in a large rise in my following.

https://www.toneradio.co.uk/ : (Access Point) Tone Radio is a student run radio station broadcasting out of the University of Gloucestershire. Recently there has been a rise in shows playing underground music, electronic, hiphop, drum and bass, house, and many other genres. Focusing on music made by students, consistent plays on specific shows could lead to interest from other small time artists, and collaborations, fusing two audiences and followings together.