My artist identity is fairly weak, and this is down to a number of factors. I have not been consistently making the same music for a long period of time, my tastes change and therefore so do my creations, meaning it is less likely for someone to like all of my music and become a follower. I rarely engage with the Soundcloud community, only to occasionally listen to music. I also always find things to scrutinise about my tracks, reasons why I wouldn’t want people to listen to them, things I am not satisfied with. It is hard to create a consistent identity when I don’t have faith in most of the music I make.

The only part of my artist identity I keep relatively consistent is the aesthetic. For example I spend a lot of time choosing the artwork for my tracks, as I believe on Soundcloud these can draw a lot of attention and can say a lot about a track before it has been listened to. I often pick and choose which tracks I will listen to on my feed depending on the artwork, as it gives a good indication of whether it is going to be a style of music I enjoy.