Finding an audience who would enjoy and appreciate my music in such a heavily saturated and competitive industry is rather difficult. My EP encompasses aspects of several genres whilst abstaining from being one set genre, reminiscent of many producers who find success via Soundcloud. I believe that somewhere on Soundcloud there is an audience that would appreciate and enjoy my music, however so far I have been relatively unsuccessful in reaching them.

To gain momentum and maintain it I am in need of a Tastemaker discovering my music, distributing it to an audience of similarly minded people who will then share it again and eventually – with persistence and consistency – a following will evolve. This Tastemaker could be anyone who has the power to make lots of people hear my music, for example: A popular Soundcloud account reposting my track, or a popular artist sharing my music. Hypothetically this will result in me gaining a following. Even if small at first, a group of loyal listeners can help to create a sense of community, which can be attractive to passer-by listeners.  Once I have established a following, I am more likely to be discovered by a more influential tastemaker, for example a repost from a successful artist with a big following, or a play on a weekly radio show listened to by hundreds of thousands of people.