*Task: Analyse Clips from the film “Twister” and make a comparison between the shifts in sound environment e.g conversations on CB radio between truck interiors, discuss areas of diagetic sound acting as score, listen to sound design for the various tornados – how and why are they made this way? Where does Diagetic sound cross over to become non-diagetic score?

There is lots of crossover between diegetic and non-diegetic sound in this clip from Twister. In the non-diegetic score there is low rumbling and wind sound effects that slowly become part of the diegetic soundscape. The sound design for this tornado consists of thunderous rumbles and wind swirling sounds coupled with thunder and lightning. The score also adds to the intensity of the scene, a horn ensemble performing a daunting melody. More wild track diegetic sound is incorporated in the scene often in the background of the main audio. Sirens can be heard in the distance wailing, as well as the troubled shouts and screams of people running from the tornado. Other diegetic sounds of destruction are used to add to the colossal soundscape, emulating the intensity and ferocity of the tornado.