Soundcloud is a rapidly growing platform for listening to and sharing music. The most recent statistics prove the streaming sites relevance in todays music industry: 175 million monthly users, 250 million monthly listens , 10 million music creators, 125 million individual tracks uploaded.
A few years ago excitement surrounding an artist was determined by local presence, radio plays and media coverage. Today a lot of successful and exciting artists find fame thanks to the internet. Young people around the world – who may be disconnected from any major scene – now have the ability to learn to produce, share music, and build a passionate and loyal fan base. Soundcloud is great platform for artists of all kinds, but it is particularly fertile ground for producers, who through remixes, collaborations, edits, and original tracks contribute heavily to the community. Consistency and individuality can get anyone noticed on Soundcloud, allowing artists to blow up before they’ve released anything on iTunes or Spotify.
Although Soundcloud is incredibly highly saturated and competitive, strong and loyal communities willing to dig deep for new music allow artists of any kind to become well known. This is partly thanks to the mechanics of the Soundcloud website, music being easily sharable using repost and public playlists and likes (liking a track adds it to a public list of your liked tracks). Tastemaker/promoter/distributer Soulection is a label and a radio show with hundreds of thousands of plays/listeners per week. Soulection have a weekly show broadcasting live on Apple’s ‘Beats One’ radio station later uploaded onto Soundcloud as a podcast, allowing maximum reach and complete accessibility for fans of the genre. Radio shows like Soulection radio allow for lesser known Soundcloud producers and big name famous artists to share the same platform for the same passion of music.